Jellyfish Metal Wall Decor

The metal wall decoration “Medusa” is a unique and fascinating choice. Available in different sizes, it brings a marine touch to your interior.


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Dive into the Depths with Medusa – Metal Wall Deco

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the deep sea with our Medusa – Metal Wall Decoration. This original wall decoration captures the essence of the jellyfish, a fascinating and hypnotic creature. Perfect for your living room, bedroom or office, this piece of art brings a touch of mystery and escape to your space.

A Living Room Decoration Painting Inspired by the Marine World

La Méduse – Metal Wall Deco evokes the beauty and mystery of the ocean with subtle elegance. Made of black metal, this design wall decoration captures the grace and movement of the jellyfish. Whether your interior is modern, industrial or minimalist, this marine work will add a fascinating point of interest to your décor.

A Creature of the Deep in Metal Wall Decoration

La Méduse – Metal Wall Deco brings the mystery of the seabed directly into your living room, office or dining room. This metallic wall decoration captures the jellyfish in all its glory, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder. The refined detail of black metal gives this work incredible depth and realism, transforming your space into a true ocean of beauty.

Dekory Medusa – Metal Wall Decoration

60 x 60 cm (23.6” x 23.6”)inches

74 x 74 cm (29.1” x 29.1”)inches

99 x 99 cm (38.9”x 38.9”)inches

Colour: Matte black electrostatic powder coating

Type: Handcrafted wall decoration

Quality: Robust and lightweight product made of 2 mm thick steel. No smell and harmful chemicals involved

Finishing: Non-cutting border

3D effect: the wall art is about 1.5 cm from the wall due to the elevation screw which gives a 3D effect, every detail is drawn by hand giving the feeling of a trendy and aesthetic work on the wall

Assembly: Ready to hang, no assembly required, easy assembly, fastening screws provided

Delivery: Free and fast worldwide

Packaging: Robust box suitable for transport

Ideal gift for any occasion: birthday, wedding, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…
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Easy installation and simple and effective maintenance

The metal wall decoration is very simple to install. Simply attach to the wall the screws supplied with and then hang your decoration. AND that's it!

To clean dust and dirt on your metal wall decoration, you need to use a wet cloth. So that this, does not damage the surface of your metal wall decoration, choose an ultra-soft cloth.